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Lockstar is the #1 Family-Owned Complete Mobile Locksmith Services in Orlando, FL, and the Surrounding Area for 24/7 Emergency Automotive, House, and Commercial Locksmith Services Near You!


What WE Do

We Provide Full Mobile Locksmith  Automotive, Residential, and Commercial Locksmith Services Near you!

Our automotive, commercial, and residential locksmith services in Orlando, Florida, provide quick and reliable solutions for lockouts, key replacements, rekeying, and other security needs. Our skilled technicians are available 24/7 to ensure the safety and security of your family property and vehicles.

Lockstar Locksmith Tallahassee Residential Services

Residential Locksmith Near You

Lockstar  Locksmith Orlando, near you, provides Emergency Residential locksmith services in Orlando, Florida, typically Our services include a range of services related to residential locks and security systems. Here are some examples of services Lockstar Locksmith in Orlando provides to our clients in  Orlando, FL, and the surrounding areas: Lock installation and repair: We can also install, repair, and replace locks for homes, apartments, and other residential properties. This can include the installation of new deadbolts, smart locks, and other types of locks. We also provide Key duplication for homeowners who need extra copies for family members or as a backup. Emergency lockout services: Lockstar Locksmith Orlando offers 24/7 emergency lockout services for homeowners who have lost their keys, locked themselves out of their homes, or need to gain entry to their homes quickly. Lockstar also does rekey. These are just a few examples of the types of services provided by Lockstar Locksmith in Tallahassee. Lockstar Locksmith  Orlando also offers a 10% discount for senior citizens and military personnel with ID.



Lockstar Tallahassee Commercial Locksmith Services

Commercial Locksmith Rekey

Lockstar Locksmith Orlando, near you, provides 24/7 Emergency  Commercial Locksmith services designed to provide security solutions for businesses, organizations, and institutions. These services typically include the Installation and maintenance of high-security locks: Lockstar can install and maintain advanced locks such as electronic locks and access control systems. Also, Key duplication and replacement duplicate or replace keys for office buildings and file cabinets. If an employee or customer is locked out of a building, we can quickly respond to unlock the door and provide access. We can evaluate a business’s security needs and recommend solutions such as master key systems, high-security locks, and. If an employee is fired or leaves the workplace with their keys we can easily rekey all the locks to a different key. Overall, Lockstar Locksmith Orlando commercial locksmith services aim to help businesses and organizations maintain the security and safety of their premises, employees, and customers. Lockstar Orlando also offers a 10% discount for senior citizens and military personnel with ID.


Lockstar Tallahassee Automotive Locksmith Services

Automotive Key Replacement

Lockstar Locksmith Orlando near you is a 24/7 Emergency automotive locksmith service provider in Orlando, Florida. We offer a wide range of automotive locksmith services, including emergency lockout assistance, key duplication, and Key programming; we also program proxy and fobik keys for certain push-to-start cars; we fix repair replacement ignitions, car key extraction, and more. Our team of experienced and certified technicians uses state-of-the-art equipment to provide efficient and reliable solutions to our clients. Lockstar Locksmith Orlando is available 24/7 to assist with any automotive lock and key issues, and we are committed to providing excellent customer service. Please take a little time out to read our Google reviews. In addition to these services, Lockstar Orlando also offers a 10% discount for senior citizens and military personnel with ID


How Do You Know If You Need a Locksmith?

You may need a locksmith for a variety of reasons, but generally, a locksmith is a professional who specializes in Car keys, car key programming, Residential change locks, and security systems. Here are some signs that you may need to hire a locksmith:

You’ve locked yourself out: If you’ve accidentally locked yourself out of your house or car, a locksmith can help you get back in. We have the tools and expertise to pick locks or create new keys for you.

Lost or stolen keys: If you’ve lost your keys or had them stolen, a locksmith can help you rekey your locks or create new keys to ensure that your property remains secure.

Broken or damaged locks: If your locks are damaged or not working properly, a locksmith can repair or replace them for you. They can also help you upgrade your locks to improve your home or business’s security.

If you’re moving into a new home, it’s a good idea to have a locksmith rekey or replace the locks to ensure that you’re the only one with access to your new property.

If you want to upgrade your security system, a locksmith can help you choose the right locks and install them for you.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues, it’s a good idea to contact Lockstar locksmith near you to help you out. We can provide you with the expertise and tools you need to ensure that your property is secure.

24/7 Emergency Locksmith

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Lockstar Locksmith Orlando is a professional locksmith company that offers emergency locksmith services near you in Orlando, Florida. We provide a wide range of Emergency locksmith services to our clients, including emergency Car lockout services, House lockout services, and Business lockout services. Key replacement,  Our emergency locksmith services are available 24/7, which means that you can call us at any time of the day or night, and we will be there to help you. If you’re locked out of your home, car, or office, we can quickly come out to your location to help you regain access. Overall, Lockstar Locksmith Orlando is a reliable and trustworthy locksmith company that provides a wide range of emergency locksmith services in Orlando. We are committed to providing our clients with prompt, professional, and affordable locksmith services, and we strive to exceed our client’s expectations with every service we provide.

Proxy Push to Start Programming

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Lockstar Locksmith Orlando is a professional locksmith company that offers and has the capabilities of programming car key proxy programming services in Orlando, Florida. This service is particularly useful for car owners who have lost their car keys or need a replacement for a damaged or broken Proxy. Car key proxy programming involves reprogramming the car’s computer system to recognize a new key. This requires specialized equipment and expertise, which Lockstar Locksmith Locksmith Orlando possesses. We have a team of experienced and trained locksmiths who can work with a variety of car makes and models.

When you contact Lockstar Locksmith Orlando for car key proxy programming, we will come to your location with all the necessary tools and equipment. We will begin by verifying your ownership of the vehicle and then use our specialized equipment to reprogram the car’s computer system to recognize the new key. This process usually takes only a few minutes, and once it’s complete, you can start your car using the new key. Lockstar Locksmith Orlando can provide car key proxy programming services for a variety of car keys, including traditional keys, remote keys, and smart keys. We can also help you with keyless entry systems and push-to-start systems. Call us today. We are open 24/7 for emergency calls


Fix Ignitions Locksmith Near You

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Lockstar Locksmith Orlando is a professional locksmith company that provides expert services for fixing or changing car ignitions in Orlando, Florida. If you’re having problems with your car’s ignition system, Lockstar Locksmith Orlando is near you and has the expertise and experience to diagnose the problem and provide an effective solution.

The ignition system is a critical component of any car, and if it’s not functioning correctly, it can prevent the car from starting or cause it to stall while driving. Common problems with car ignitions include broken or damaged keys, worn-out key cylinders, faulty ignition switches, and damaged or broken wiring. These issues can prevent your car from starting or cause it to shut off unexpectedly.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems, Lockstar Locksmith Orlando can help. Our team of experienced locksmiths has the skills and knowledge necessary to diagnose and fix a wide range of ignition system issues. We can repair or replace broken or damaged keys, replace worn-out key cylinders, fix faulty ignition switches, and repair damaged or broken wiring.

If your ignition system cannot be repaired, Lockstar Locksmith Orlando can also replace it. We can install a new ignition system that is compatible with your cars make and model and year, and we will ensure that it is functioning correctly before we leave your location. Call us today if you have any questions



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Satisfaction Guaranteed

All of the remotes, keys and fobs supplied and programmed by  Lockstar Locksmith Tallahassee come with a 14-day warranty. Contact us within 14 days of your remote, key, or fob not working. We will replace it if it’s a manufacturer’s defect upon inspection. Some Conditions Apply

Free Consultations

Lockstar Locksmith near you offer free written, text, email, and verbal estimates and quotes for parts and labor. But we do not come to your vehicle to provide free quotes, which would incur a service charge of $59. To receive the most accurate quote, text, or email us the year, make, model, details, and pictures. Written, text, email, and verbal estimates and quotes for parts and labor are only valid for 14 days.

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